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Converter slag In the same way as air-cooled blast furnace slag, converter slag is cooled slowly by natural cooling and water spray in a cooling yard. It is then processed and used for various iron and steel slag (converter) applications. Approximately 110 kg of slag is generated for each ton of converter steel. Electric arc furnace slag

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high SiO2 slag out of the system, while also ... was constructed simultaneously with the new converter. The flue gas treatment equipment adopted for the new converter was the Oxygen Converter Gas Recovery Sys-tem (OG), which is the same as the existing equipment. The utilities and water treatment equipment were expanded to meet the needs of the ...

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Outotec provides concentrator technology for slag treatment project in Chile. Outotec has signed a contract with Chilean Codelco, the leading copper producer in the world, for the delivery of concentration technology for a slag treatment plant to be located in connection …

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However, the current reclaiming ratio of waste steel in China is still low due to lack of advanced slag treatment equipment and technology. 3.1.2. Utilization as sinter material Steel slag with CaO content above 50% can be used as sinter ore fluxing agent, partially replacing the commercial lime.

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Coal slag is not classified as environmentally hazardous. However, this does not exclude the possibility that large or frequent spills can have a harmful or damaging effect on the environment Persistence and Degradability No data available for coal slag. Bioaccumulative Potential No data available for coal slag. Mobility No data available for ...

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May 30, 2019· In combination with an installed slag identification system, e.g. optical or magnetic slag detection and a slag stopper system, there is minimal carry-over of converter slag in the teeming ladle. At the end of converter treatment, the operator initiates the Automated Tapping procedure by just pressing one button.

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Hard zinc is a kind of zinc-based alloy as the byproduct of crude zinc smelting process (for example, ISP process), with the main element being zinc (more than 80%) and others Al, Sn, Pb, Cd, Cu, Ni, etc. Hot dip galvanizing zinc is the second major source of hard zinc.

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CONVERTER STEELMAKING AUTOMATION AUTOMATION AND PROCESS OPTIMIZATION FOR EXCELLENT STEELMAKING. ... At the end of the converter treatment the operator initiates AutoTap by pressing the ... In order to avoid carry-over slag from the converter getting into the ladle at the end of tapping, a cast iron nozzle is ...


Oct 05, 1976· Treatment of converter slag . United States Patent 3984235 . Abstract: A process for the production of copper from raw materials containing sulphur, zinc and more than 0.2% Ni calculated on the copper content. The material is melted to matte and the matte converted to white metal, whereafter the white metal is converted to copper and the zinc ...

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High Temperatures Technologies Corp. Canada presents the products based on plasma technology for different fields such as waste treatment, getting synthesis gas and other products. High Temperature Technologies Corp. offer ecologically pure technology which purpose is a full decomposition of the waste without harmful toxic substances and getting of useful products.

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Dissolution of Valuable Metals from Nickel Smelter Slags by Means of High Pressure Oxidative Acid Leaching Ilya Perederiy Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Graduate Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry ... CHAPTER 5 CO-TREATMENT OF CONVERTER SLAG AND

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After converting, the blister is sent to fire refining and the slag from the converter is usually sent to slag treatment for copper recovery. The off-gas is collected via converter hoods and sent to cleaning and to acid production. Outotec® Process Assessments.

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Steel - Steel - Treating of steel: In principle, heat-treating already takes place when steel is hot-rolled at a particular temperature and cooled afterward at a certain rate, but there are also many heat-treating process facilities specifically designed to produce particular microstructures and properties.

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Converting is a type of metallurgical smelting that includes several processes; the most commercially important form is the treatment of molten metal sulfides to produce crude metal and slag, as in the case of copper and nickel converting. A now-uncommon form is batch treatment of pig iron to produce steel by the Bessemer process. The vessel used was called the Bessemer converter.

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Mar 04, 2020· Cobalt processing, preparation of the metal for use in various products. Below 417 °C (783 °F), cobalt (Co) has a stable hexagonal close-packed crystal structure. At higher temperatures up to the melting point of 1,495 °C (2,723 °F), the stable form is face-centred cubic. The metal has 12 ...

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EXCEPTIONAL CASTING CAPABILITIES BROUGHT TO LIGHT. We are a leading manufacturer of high performance steel mill-related castings, including the world's finest slag pots, coiler drums for steckel mill applications, mechanical mill parts and metal-working press castings.

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CONVERTER GAS AND WASTE WATER TREATMENT BY OG-SYSTEM IN STEEL SMELTING INDUSTRY Instructor Kaj Jansson Pages 44 Supervisor Kaj Jansson OG system, which stands for Oxygen Converter Gas recovery system, is the suppressed combustion type exhaust gas recovery system for the converters of steel smelt shops.

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In this paper, the mineral characteristics of converter steel slag after heat-stewing treatment were studied from mineral compositions, silicate phase's proportion, morphology and Vickers hardness of mineral phases, moreover, the comprehensive utilization of internal and external recycle for steel slag was analyzed from utilization ways ...

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LD converter, the double slag technique has generally been applied to obtain low phosphorus killed steels. However, this technique is accompanied by the in- ... profile of the experimental equipment used for the industrial scale test is shown in Fig. 2. As almost the ... metal after the treatment and the slag Basicity is shown in Fig. 5. Figure ...

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